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Pregnant: Solution For Pregnant Women Who Don't Like Classical Music

Solution For Pregnant Women Who Don't Like Classical Music - In previous article you've got an explanation about the importance of listening to classical music for pregnant women. Research has proven that classical music such as "Spring from The Four Seasons" by Antonio Vivaldi can help the process of emotion regulation to the fetus. While the classical music of Mozart is believed to greatly affect the level of development of intelligence in children.

Then what about the pregnant women who don't like classical music? Are there other types of music that also good and can be selected to be heard by pregnant women?

music choices for pregnant women

Music Options For Pregnant Women

While listening to classical music is considered as the best option, but actually there are still many other music choices that also good for pregnant women and fetal development. As long as the music has a quiet rhythm and a positive theme, so every pregnant women should listen to it. In addition to help stabilize the heart rate of pregnant women, it will also provide good stimulation for the developing fetus.
Rock music genre or music that has a fast tempo should be avoided as much as possible. This kind of music will only make the fetus more active and tend to become restless.
It's important for you to not force yourself to listen to classical music if you don't like it. Your discomfort may also be felt by your baby, and this will certainly provide less optimal stimulation. If you still insist to provide stimulation for your baby with classical music, then you should use headphones, and stick it directly on your abdomen. Just make sure to not play the volume too loud.

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