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Pregnant: 26 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnant

Pregnant: 26 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnant - I am thrilled to have reached 26 weeks without incident. You may be able to hear  my delight continents away! If our baby is born early then he/she has a real fighting chance.

Bump at 26 weeks Pregnant

Scan/Growth I had another growth scan at 26+3 weeks which was last Thursday. I have them very regularly now. As soon as baby measures small, baby will be out. Those were the consultants exact words. Comforting eh! It was lovely to see baba again - even if he/she was hiding from the camera. The whole point of the scan was to make sure that the baby is growing - Olivia's growth restriction began at 28 weeks, 2 weeks before my pre-eclampsia symptoms showed up. Baby's abdominal measured small - in the 6th percentile. They explained that a small abdominal circumference, especially when compared to the head, can be a sign of growth restriction but for now everything is ok. Baby's growth is in the 14th percentile which is smaller than my previous two at this stage. I left very, very nervous. Hopefully the baba's tummy catches up this week. Otherwise we could be having a baby soon. I will see another consultant this Thursday, she's a fetal well-being specialist so hopefully I will get some reassurance then.

Maternity Clothes Blech! Although I did cave and buy a pair of maternity leggings. Holy cotton comfort batman!

Appetite Don't stand still, I may eat you. Weetabix with a banana and bowls of fruit are my favourites.

Pelvic Floor issues Holy God  the pressure! Maybe it's because it's my third pregnancy or maybe it's that I delivered naturally the last time and was pregnant again within 3 months. Whatever the reason I feel like I have been cycling for 12 hours straight. Ouch. I was very good at remembering pelvic floor exercises  - I heard the physiotherapist mention incontinence in your forties and vowed to do kegels every day. Since the doctors told me that c-sections would be safer for me from here on in I have gotten lazy. Looks like I'm paying the price now. Serves me right!

Nerves There's every chance that the damned pre-eclampsia will turn up at the same time as my last pregnancy, at least that's what they're preparing me for.  I can't imagine what it's going to be like when I reach the time when things started to go wrong with Olivia - even if everything goes perfectly.

How is everyone else getting on?

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