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32 Weeks Pregnant Update - Pregnant

So I made it to 32 weeks. I am 32+2 tomorrow - which is the same gestation we lost Olivia at. I feel everything from delight and happiness to anxiety and guilt. All part of the process I suppose.

Here is the bump at 32 Weeks exactly...

 Was messing around with Cocoa Brown tan last night :)

Bump Bigger? A small bit I think. I measured 28 weeks at 32 weeks last time and I would say I am the same now. Once baba is getting chunky I'm not worried... well at least I'll try not to be :)

Veins/Broken capillaries Holy lamb of divine I'm turning blue. My veins look like they're set to explode! There is a lovely long one down the side of the bump, which you can see in my bump pic, and about a hundred more all over. I also seem to have quite a few broken capillaries. These went away within a few weeks of giving birth before so hopefully the same will happen. I don't want to start shelling out for IPL!

Maternity wear Tried on a few more over the bank holiday weekend. Think I'll just let it go.

Diet/Appetite My diet is usually quite good (with the exception of the odd pink French Fancie). I'm a grazer by nature and it seems to work well during pregnancy. I do tend to forget about food though so sometimes I set a reminder for myself. Silly but necessary. I don't have a big appetite this time, I was this way on my last pregnancy too. And yet on my first I was ravenous. 

Cravings Am I the only one who doesn't get cravings? I keep hearing ladies at the hospital talk about them. Not that I mind - petrol sambos don't exactly do it for me.

Scans I have a growth scan on Thursday. The doctor usually does a quick ultrasound on Mondays too but with it being the bank holiday she wasn't there so I am extra anxious about this one. I'm sure it will be fine but with the week that's in it and the little bump I can't help but be nervous. 

The fun parts Swelling hasn't gotten any worse - legs, feet and hands by evening. Hands stay swollen some mornings but legs go down to just a little puffy. I think my face looks a little different  but I'm one of those people that gets a fat face as soon as I put on any weight (Boo Hoo). My blood pressure has been so low for the past week 80's/40's and then randomly shoots up only to go back down. Once it stays down I'm happy.

Emotions I had a lovely bank holiday weekend with my family. I was relaxed and enjoyed every minute of it. When I realised that tomorrow I would be 32+2 weeks something hit me like a brick. My feelings are related more to Olivia though than this baby's health - I know everything looks all right. I had a feeling that this would be a challenging time. Hopefully it passes when the day does. 

Hope everyone who is pregnant is enjoying it and baby dust to all those trying to conceive! (I need to do a post on that one sometime). Let me know how you're getting on.

I think there might be half a Lindor chocolate bunny left in the fridge. Off to investigate. What's that I said about being a healthy eater?!

Love Amy

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