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Getting Pregnant Naturally After 40 and 44 Year | Pregnant at 44

Getting Pregnant Naturally After 40 and 44 Year

Pregnant at 44
Pregnant at 44

Getting Pregnant Naturally After 40 and 44 Year - Hi everyone! I got pregnant naturally after 40, giving birth at 41 and 44 years of age. I am now an advocate for women on the journey of motherhood after 40, from fertility to parenting. I disagree that it is "rare" for women to conceive naturally after 40: I've heard from countless women who've done so, a few even right up to the age of 50; and there's some recent research suggesting that fertility statistics for women over 40 may be negatively skewed. However, I completely agree with seeing your doctor if you're over 40 and wish to get pregnant. You should also consider methods of enhancing your fertility naturally. Being relaxed and open to whatever path you are taking to becoming a mom over 40 is the most important ingredient for success.

Pregnant at 44
Pregnant at 44
Some good news for all of the women out there who desire to become mothers after 40 years old show according to a recent study that the women over 40 years old who give birth without the help of fertility medication or other assisted reproductive procedures tend to live longer. One of the theories is that the estrogen which is already well created in the body of fertile women has the effect of extending the life of the heart, the bones, as well as of to other organs. However, according to the same study less than 1% from the women with ages between 40 and 44 year old will be able to give birth to children. The chances to become pregnant will decrease with 5% percent every month for women over 40 years old.

The way pregnancy is being managed and the way the birth will take place will depend on various factors for women over 40 years old such as your physical shape, your lifestyle and whether or not it is your first child.
Pregnant at 44

The most often reason of complaining for pregnant women over 40 years old will usually be the fact that they usually feel tired. The hormonal changes during the pregnancy will make women feel tired, but the tiredness seem to be more pronounced for older women and can seem even more pronounced if they have other small children that they have to take care of, says Dr. John Glazer from the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Iowa . So if you already have a child you will be more predisposed to various issues with hemorrhoids, increased pressure to your bladder or tissue prolapse of your uterus or your vagina. You will be able to minimize these effects if you will be careful not to take too much weight during your pregnancy by doing small physical exercises and also by doing some Kegel exercises which are very good for maintaining the strength of your vaginal muscles.
Pregnant at 44

Your Emotional State of Mind after 40 Years Old

Until the age of 40 years old you have probably accumulated a large experience of life and high level of maturity which you can use to raise a child. There are also big chances for you to even have more patience as you are more mature now. But you will probably be worried for other things as well.
Pregnant at 44

What doctors will hear the most is that as a mother of 40 years old you feel you will be too old when your baby will be in college. Or there are certain situations when the parents will feel that at 60 or 70 years old the children might still be at home. The older parents will have to balance their feeling of loosing their freedom with the feeling of joy from having a child, says Dr. Glazer from the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Iowa .

Risks for the Child

About one third from the pregnant women between 40 and 44 years old will end having a miscarriage, according to Dr. Glazer. The reason could be many: the woman`s ova could be imperfect, the tissue around the uterus could be thick enough to not hold or the blood supply to the uterus may not be enough to sustain a pregnancy.
Pregnant at 44

According to Dr. Glazer, there are also high risks of placenta previa for pregnant women over 40 years old, which will mean that the placenta is inserted down in the uterus, and thus it will partially or fully block the cervical opening which may lead to a high risk of haemorrhage. There are risks of detachment of the placenta as well which will mean that a part of the placenta or all the placenta will be separated from the uterus`s wall. Also, the babies that are being born from women over 40 years old have an even higher risk of having a small weight on their birth being under 2.5 kg.
Pregnant at 44

The risk of having chromosomal defects will increase with every year for a pregnant woman of over 40 years old. The women over 40 years old will have a risk of 1/106 to have a baby with the Down syndrome and 1/66 to have chromosomal abnormalities. According to Dr. Jennifer Niebyl until 44 years old these risks will increase with 1/38 for the Down syndrome and 1/26 for the chromosomal abnormalities.

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