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33 and 34 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnant

So I started putting this post together when I turned 33 weeks, last Monday. Monday you ask? Yep, apologies for the delay. My only excuse is that I am exhausted. Since I was 34 yesterday I thought I would combine the posts.

So without much further ado, 33 weeks bump pic...

 Bump at 33 weeks pregnant

 and 34 weeks...in my pj's ....

Firstly and more importantly... Where have all the fizzy cola lollies gone?? I have searched high and low for some and they are not to be found. And because said lollies cannot be found I am now fixated on them.

Bump size I have definitely grown. Still small I know but baby is normal size so I don't mind. I'm starting to feel a little uncomfortable getting in and out of bed and the likes. I sat on the floor in the library and when I tried to stand it took about 3 minutes. I must have looked like I was practicing pilates on the cook book isle. I also shaved my legs whilst balancing on one foot this morning in the shower. I sense an accident in my future. Maybe it's time to look for help. 

Baba's weight Baby weighs about 5lb 4oz / 2.45kg at todays scan. A chunky little monkey. I couldn't be happier. The doctor said that if I was allowed go to term that this would be my biggest baby yet. Obviously earlier delivery will effect his/her size.

Ooh the discomfort During my 33 week scan the doctor commented that the baby's head was well down. By well down I don't mean pointing downwards - by the pressure alone I would say wedged down there. After having my last baby the natural way all I can say is ouch.

Weight gain very minimal. As I mentioned before, this is most likely from stress.  I've stopped weighing myself. It was only making me more anxious. Baby is growing so I don't care if my weight isn't.

Baby Brain Yep, it's back. Now what was I saying? Reaching for MorDHA supplement as soon as I'm done here.

Prune Juice Ick on so many levels - texture, taste, colour...bleugh! A necessary evil sometimes. Lets say no more.

Delivery The doctor is so happy with the baby's growth that if I go into labour myself before 38 weeks she'll let me try the natural option. Because I have had a previous section and a loss I'm not suitable for induction. I have a decision to make if I go into labour before 38 weeks (1) go into labour on my own and deliver naturally which is safer for me and better if I plan to have a few more kiddies or (2) go into labour on my own and go to c-section which with our circumstances is safer for baby but riskier for me. I have Eve to think about too. Of course if I don't go into labour myself then the doctor has recommended a c-section. Some difficult decisions lie ahead. One day at a time.

Hyperreflexia What's that when it's at home? Apparently it's just when reflexes are too brisk. The doc noted that I had this at 33 weeks and ran bloods to check for pre-eclampsia. All were clear. Woo Hoo!

A new pain in the bum symptom Last week I kept feeling out of breath (but baby has dropped down) and like my heart was going to hammer out of my chest. I noticed whilst checking my blood pressure that my pulse had hopped from the usual 60 to 110bpm. It lasted 10 minutes, then passed but it was happening 4 times a day at any time. Last night I was watching a movie, felt nice and relaxed and all of a sudden it felt like I couldn't breath and my pulse was racing at 156 bpm. I mentioned it today and am under instructions to come to A&E if it happens again for and EKG. Sure by the time I get there it will surely have passed and I'll have to sit in the A&E queue for hours. Still, I'll be good and go. Better to be safe than sorry.

Nausea The doctor prescribed me something but unfortunately it didn't work. I shall suffer on. Such a martyr.

Breastfeeding Starting to think about actually having a baby. I haven't really accepted that part yet. I've been in the 'I'll believe when I see it' mode. After what happened last time I know its normal. But seriously I need to get my backside in gear! One thing I would like to do differently this time is to have a more relaxed approach to feeding. I was little bit scared of the whole thing last time round. I managed to feed Eve until she was 7 months but it wasn't stress free. Think I'll do a whole post of my experiences with breast feeding - the good and bad. I learned a lot but I need to learn more.

Reading I am a complete and utter book worm as you probably know. Well I had my first book related blubber fest last week whilst reading Clockwork Princess (Cassandra Clare). Bawled like a baby on three separate occasions. I'd like to blame hormones but I suspect otherwise.

I'll be back with my breastfeeding post during the week!

How is everyone getting on?

Love Amy

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