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Pregnant: 30 Weeks Pregnant - What a Rollercoaster

Pregnant: 30 Weeks Pregnant - What a Rollercoaster - My belly has definitely grown a little this week. Bump pic at 30 Weeks pregnant...

I am actually wearing a maternity top today for a change. It wasn't out of necessity but rather that I wanted to actually wear some of the maternity stuff I bought before this is all over. Bit long in the front compared to the back so I guess I still don't have enough to fill it. Plenty of time and room for growth so!

This week has been like a Katy Perry song - 'Cause you're hot then you're coldYou're yes then you're noYou're in then you're outYou're up then you're down :)

My week has gone something like this: 
Monday: Calm, resigned, accepting
Tuesday: Relaxed
Wednesday: Feeling like myself finally
Thursday: Nervous, worried
Friday: Panicked
Saturday: from chilled to concerned
Sunday: from happy to anxiety to nightmares
Monday: Back to semi-normal
Tuesday: Nervous again

Oh the joy. I have to laugh, I'm all over the place. 

Bump/Weight Freaked out a few times over bump size this week. I know people are sometimes small but when you have had a growth restricted baby before and two normal size bumps previously it's of little consolation. My weight went up by a pound over the past 2 weeks, which is the most I have put on in 5 weeks - happy about that. I had some round ligament pain the other day and was very hungry and woke to a bigger bump the next day :)

Scans I had one on Wednesday and one on Thursday last week. I also had one on Monday and again today. When we went to the hospital on Thursday the doctor thought amniotic fluid looked low based on the bump being small. She performed a little ultrasound and said that there was more fluid in there that there looks to be. Although she had no immediate concerns she wasn't happy to wait a week to look again and said that based on what she saw I needed to be monitored very closely at this stage and would see me twice weekly. I left feeling a little relived but also concerned about how small the bump is. I was also a little puffy that day so they decided to take more blood to check for pre-eclampsia. The scan today showed a happy baby who is growing well. Happy baby, happy mama!

Baba's profile...

Panic I started seeing blotches on Thursday afternoon. Blood pressure was normal so that night I rang A&E to make sure blood work from earlier that day was clear - it was.

Skin So dry 
Hair Nightmare

Nails Bye, bye long and strong, hello crumbly and dry. I believe I have third trimester progesterone to thank for this. Will go smear on some Sally Hansen Vitamin E Oil right away.

Happy Birthday to Eve In other news Eve will be 2 on Thursday, I can't believe it! We had a little family get-together to celebrate yesterday and we'll have her to ourselves on Thursday. I think I will make some Rice Crispie buns with her.

Some Eve snaps...

We picked up Eve's dress and cardi in H&M. Love H&M baby clothes! Her shoes were cheap and cheerful, €7 from Penneys. She has a lovely pair of red converse, which she likes herself but these are great as they have an elasticated inner.

So since everything went well at growth scan this morning I feel relaxed and calm again. Wonder how long it will last this time. Friday is my next hurdle - 30+4 weeks was when symptoms showed last time. Feeling positive. Onwards and upwards as they say!

Must go, I'm being summonsed to go get 'Naisies' which are raisins apparently :) "naisies, wore-dar-you" is the Eve's favourite sentence lately. She also points at the bump and says - aww, baba hee hee, which I translate to mean 'baby in here'. She loves helping me apply bump lotion too. Very cute. I had a big proud Mama moment this morning when Eve pointed at an 'R' on her daddy's t-shirt and named it before making the sound 'rrr'. I can't take credit for it though - it's thanks to a phoenetics game on the ipad :)

Have a great day. Hope everyone is well.

Amy x

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