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Baby: Baby Grew

Oh my God the relief! Safe for another week. I'm 28+3 weeks today. Huge thanks to all of you who kept us in your thoughts or prayers today. They worked!

Fetal Diagnostic Scan Baby has grown! I don't know my how much but enough that he/she is back in the safe range. I barely slept last night and woke at 5.30am with worry. I don't think I exhaled until I lay on that table and the consultant said baba was ok. I can't stop smiling. Of course this is still a tentative time - my pre-eclampsia symptoms started at 29/30 weeks last time and are expected again this time round. I feel so positive right now that I don't believe anything bad could happen. Baby's estimated weight is now 2 pounds 9 ounces.

If you can make this pic out you are a better woman that I. The consultant pointed out that this looked like the baby was kissing the placenta...

Yep, wavy black lines. 

Steroid Injection It was recommended that I have my first steroid injection today and second tomorrow. This will help mature the baby's lungs in case he/she needs to make an early appearance. It's a relief to have this in. On my last pregnancy I had the injections as an in-patient but then no heartbeat the following morning. Having the expected hot flushes from it as we speak. I look like I have sunburn - that's probably the most colour I'll get this year :) Maybe I should throw on a bikini and imagine myself in the Seychelles!

Cramps Yesterday and today I had period-like cramps, which were worrying considering my history but they must have been stretching pains. Although they feel different. The consultant did an internal exam to check my cervix and all was fine. Nothing to worry about.

Gestational Diabetes Test No news is good news. I didn't get a call today so my insulin levels are normal.  I really feel for those of you who have to watch what you eat when pregnant. It's probably the hardest time to stick to a diabetic diet!

Spent the rest of the day enjoying my big baba at home...

I need my highlights done asap! Eve will be 2 later this month - how is that possible?? Where did the last two years go?! Must get to planning.

In other news I love Mr Kipling French Fancies (or equally the Aldi alternative for half the price!) but I would like to start a Pink-Fancy-Only campaign. It's sad to buy a box and bin the brown and yellow but seriously, ick! Is it just me?

Drool... It has to be pregnancy hormones because I usually hate theses. Off to have one with a cuppa!

I'm almost afraid to think it but what if everything else goes smoothly? It certainly feels possible today. Man I wish I could bottle this feeling of relief. 

*Happy dance*

Thank you all very much. I'm a lucky woman to have you lot to rant to!

How is everyone else? All calm or any drama?

Amy x

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