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Pregnancy: Identifying Ovulation Symptoms | Pregnancy

Pregnancy: Identifying Ovulation Symptoms

Pregnancy: Identifying Ovulation Symptoms - Signs and symptoms of ovulation will vary for every woman, but for some, physical indicators can help pinpoint ovulation and help keep track of future ovulation. When you and your loved one are trying to get pregnant and conceive a child, it might be very helpful to know what are the signs of ovulation and also specific ovulation symptoms.

Pregnancy: Identifying Ovulation Symptoms

Further still, if you are intending to be precise with your predictions (which I'm sure you are!) you will need to start keeping all manner of records including your temperature. These entries will help to give you an accurate forecast of when exactly you will ovulate. Although it might seem terribly unfair if you are having difficulty falling pregnant, most couples don't actually have to go to a great deal of trouble to conceive. Those couples lucky enough to be fertility problem free have a strong possibility of falling pregnant within a year of trying. So long as in the middle of the female cycle they are having unprotected sex more than just once a week, things normally go pretty smoothly and approximately 80 % of couples will conceive a baby in no more than a year!
Pregnancy: Identifying Ovulation Symptoms

Increasing your fertility and increasing your chances of getting pregnant can be done by timing your baby making efforts with the females ovulation cycle. Being aware of ovulation symptoms and more precisely, knowing exactly when you are ovulating can go a very long way!
Pregnancy: Identifying Ovulation Symptoms

Main Ovulation Symptoms

A woman's body is a complex thing! And subtle changes can mask much greater things and goings on. There is usually a slight body temperature change either at the time or just after ovulation. It is not noticeable enough to feel it by usual methods of a hand on the forehead as it can only be one degree Celsius or even half that.

For getting it right you would need to use a thermometer. Get into the habit of taking your temperature at the same time daily and recording it. This makes it easy to see the patterns of what is happening in your body. One of the most stable and efficient time to take your temperature is actually when you wake up each morning and before you get out of bed and start moving around. Just remember too that you must pass over your temperature readings if you are sick in any way. Fevers and flu's will affect your temp and are not to be confused with ovulation symptoms.
Pregnancy: Identifying Ovulation Symptoms

Another of the main ovulation symptoms is a change in the texture of cervical mucus. Around ovulation, most women report their cervical mucus feeling different. It also looks different and is best referred to as thickening and becoming stretchy. This is part of our body's incredible way in which it prepares for the man's sperm by providing the best possible environment for it to move and survive. In contrast to the raised temperature this is absolutely one of the easiest ovulation symptoms to spot.
Pregnancy: Identifying Ovulation Symptoms

These differences to your cervical mucus is most often the first sign you will get to symbolize ovulation is coming. It goes without saying that if you are trying to get pregnant you have to be watchful of this change and act upon it immediately... if you know what I mean! Another of the ovulation symptoms that can sometimes be hard to miss is a slight ache or pain in the area of the womb. This pain is normally felt right at the moment of ovulation and can last a few hours or maybe even just a passing feeling. Because the ovaries are at the sides of the womb the feeling is also slightly to one side.

A number of women do not feel this pain however which can be referred to as anything from a mild cramp, an ache or even mild period pain.

Ovulation Symptoms Are Not Always Easy To Spot!
Pregnancy: Identifying Ovulation Symptoms

It is of importance to not rely upon maybe just one of these ovulation symptoms to confirm ovulation. Many of these feelings and conditions can be related to other things happening in your body so it is best to try and tick off as many of these signs of ovulation as you can.

There are some amazing resources online in the area of ovulation calendars. Many smartphones also have plenty of apps that can help you predict precisely when you are ovulating which helps your cause immensely. The longer you use them and the more data they collect the better the ovulation predictions become too!

Once you can match up your ovulation dates with the physical world confirmation of physical ovulation symptoms then my best advice to you is to... well... you know what to do!

Everyone should be able to enjoy and experience the amazing wonder of parenthood!

Sadly, many couples struggle for one reason or another but do not despair...

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