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Get The Perfect Mom | Parenting

The Perfect Mom | Parenting

Can anyone honestly say that they are a perfect parent? Does society today try to pressure us into being perfect and making us think that if we are anything less we are doing an injustice to our kids? I'd like to think that I'm the "Perfect Mom," but when I think about it, I know I'm not. I'd love to say I never yell, but if my kids are fighting with each other on a day that the youngest one allowed me a grand total of three hours sleep, I'm probably going to be louder and harsher with them than I'd like.

I'd love to say I always have a good answer for every "why," but when my son is on the 37th why in an hour, "because" might be the only answer I can stifle. While I've always loved tucking them into bed and helping them say their prayers, if bedtime is running really late, my temper will probably get short just thinking of all the things I still need to do before going to bed myself.

I'd love to say that I always set a healthy example for them, but they are just as likely to see me downing a venti coffee from Starbucks in the morning as eating a salad for lunch. I'd love to say that I always have loads of crafty activities to keep them entertained, especially since my business requires me to be creative, but a show on Noggin is sometimes my best friend.

I'd love to say that I always teach them to be independent, but I've been known to help them get dressed and out the door because of my impatience.

So, what is a "good enough" mom? Telling my kids often that I love them and having them say it back to me, telling them "I'm sorry" when I've failed because I respect them, teaching them to be kind to others, and sheltering them as long as I can from the things about growing up that will make them cry. I hope someday that they will recognize those things in our interactions and remember me as a great mother.

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