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2014 Incurable Narcoplexy Caused by Flu Vaccine

Incurable Narcoplexy Caused by Flu Vaccine

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Narcoplexy, the root word meaning “numbness,” “stupor,” “attack” or “seizure” is a neurological disorder. The brain is unable to distinguish wakefulness from sleep. People afflicted with it suddenly fall asleep, although it is not really related to insomnia.
A flu vaccine called Pandemrix, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, caused a severe outbreak of narcoplexy in 2009-10; the drug was intended to cure the Swine Flu pandemic. However, what happened instead, aside from this illness, were panic attacks, hallucinations and loss of muscle control – caused by strong emotion. It tends to be life-long and therefore, ruins lives.
A massive public campaign was mounted to promote the vaccine and then the pandemic never actually occurred. But there were 795 cases of narcoplexy, all children, in the mass vaccinations in Finland and Sweden.
Later it was discovered that Vitamin D protected children against influenza while the vaccine was basically ineffective – except for later causing the wave of narcoplexy.
The Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare , in 2001, admitted there indeed was a connection between Pandemrix and the incidences of narcoplexy. They agreed to compensate the families of all the children affected while Sweden has not yet complied.
GlazoSmithKline did not fully admit to the connection and stated they would do more research, though they accept the statistical evidence of the link.
The key ingredient that apparently caused the illness is an adjuvant (enhancer) called AS03, meant to boost the immune system. However, according to neurologist Markku Partine at the Helsinki Sleep Clinic, it appears to have been too potent. He said the ingredient caused an adverse reaction instead of an enhancement of the immune system because it was too powerful.
Since then, studies in Britain, Sweden, Finland and Ireland concluded the risk of narcoplexy is 13 times higher for children who were given Pandemrix.
One report from Finland in 2011 says children receiving the swine flu vaccine were 900 percent more likely to develop narcoplexy.
Goran Stiernstedt, a Swedish doctor, said the millions of vaccinations resulted in between “…30 and 60 people from Swine Flu death with more than 200 cases of narcolepsy reported since 2009.”
This makes it fairly certain that this flu vaccine caused Narcoplexy in children. Further, there is really no telling what other effects may emerge in the future – whether in children or adults.
In 2009, GlaxoSmithKline struck a deal with Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland in their contract to provide Pandemrix which included no liability for the drug manufacturer in the event of any side effects.
According to Natural News, it was revealed in 2010 that drug companies influenced the World Health Federation to push a pandemic so they could promote the vaccines.
In Feb 2013, it was reported that Emmanuel Mignot, expert on narcoplexy who also happened to be funded by GlaxoSmith Kline to investigate the mass occurrence of the illness, said Pandemrix is definitely responsible for causing it in Europe.
Generally, these vaccines include not just the overpowering adjuvant, AS03, but also bacteria, chemicals, animal by-products and heavy metals. Before having these vaccines shot into your arm, it’s a good idea to read the inserts before possibly putting your health or life at risk.
Although Pandemrix is no longer being administered to those under 20 years of age, it is still being prescribed for adults. In fact AS03 was approved by the FDA last year for vaccinations which is the first time an adjuvant has been approved in the US.
It is important to know the facts and read investigative reports in order to judge the merits of vaccinations, especially for young children. Narcoplexy is just one possible result caused by flu vaccines.
Come to think of it, this artificially-induced  narcoplexy is pretty similar to psychotropic drug reactions, isn’t it?

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